Where does all our range come from???

At Vegies To Your Door we take a lot of pride in supporting other local, award winning family run businesses to bring you the highest quality products to you.  

All the below businesses are small local area, family run businesses, who are passionate about what they do. 

They do it for the love of it, not just for the money - the way it should be.  That is why you can be assured of only the highest quality products and service. 

Small business needs our support, probably more than ever - so shop at Vegies To Your Door - where we come together, under the one roof - and where you can be assured of the quality and origin of the food you munch on.

Our fruit and veg comes directly from Sydney Markets.

Meat from Erindale meats in Erindale.

Dairy from Country Valley Milk and Pepe Saya.

Fresh roasted Coffee from Wagonga Coffee in Mitchell.

Baked daily fresh bread from Bakers Delight in Queanbeyan.

Olive oil from Homeleigh Grove in Hall.

Apple juice from Cedar Creek Orchards in Picton.

Muesli from The Muesli Bar in Sutton. 

Honey from Canberra Urban Honey in ACT. 

Upcoming new products....

Tea from Adore tea in Gold creek. 

Cheese from The Cheese Project ACT. 

If there is a local product that you would like to see added to our range online please email us details to customercare@vegiestoyourdoor.com.au.   




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