Why do we guarantee our fresh fruit and vegies?

We are often asked why we guarantee the quality of our fresh fruit and vegies and have even been told we are crazy for doing so! But we don't think so. 

The number one reason we guarantee the quality of our fresh fruit and vegies is that we very much want to hear from you if you are not happy with our produce or our service. 

Why are we so interested in hearing from you if you are not happy?  Well we are glad you asked.

  • By letting us know if you are not happy with something, you are being kind enough to give us the opportunity to correct any mistakes we may have made with your order and we appreciate this opportunity very much. 
  • Vegies To Your Door is a fantastic service so if something is not right, you owe it to yourself to let us know so that we can fix it and you can continue to use this great service knowing that we are doing our best for you.  Please don't sit back and wonder or talk to your friends about 'whether we are going downhill' or wonder 'if we are getting too big too care' because neither of those are ever going to happen. 
  • We are a family business who know what it's like taking care of kids, working and running a household just like you and we believe you deserve value for your money and if you don't feel as though you have received it, that's not at all what our service is about. 
  • You may notice a problem with our produce that we are temporarily unaware of and you may save us from losing future long term customers.  For an example, say you received some apples that are bad on the inside.  These apples may be from a 'bad batch' that we haven't yet noticed and by drawing our attention to it, we can check them and stop sending them out and possibly save ourselves from losing money or worse still, losing customers over it.

And last but not least

  • By letting us know when our produce is not meeting your standards, you help us to become known by our suppliers as only accepting the best quality produce available. So eventually no one is going to bother even considering supplying Vegies To Your Door with inferior produce.  If you demand the best from us, we continue to demand the best from our suppliers.  It keeps the standards high as it goes down the supply chain. 

We want Vegies To Your Door to become a business that 'stands out from the crowd'. 

We want it to be different to what you are used to, we want it to be very friendly and based on trust, both ways!  That is one reason why we are not worried about guaranteeing the quality of our fruit and vegies.  You trust us to do our best to provide you with the service and quality we promise and we trust that you will only request a refund or replacement when there really is an issue.  The other reason we are happy to guarantee the quality of our fruit and vegies is that we know how good it is.

But by the way we still want positive feedback as well. We have loads and loads of positive feedback which we absolutely love, so thank you and keep it coming but don't be worried to tell us if something is not right.

Take care all and we look forward to your next order - Will and team.

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