How many times do you say to yourself

'I wish I could do more to help people, but what could I do?'

Well wonder no more! - now you can help others in our community just by doing your fresh food shopping with us, at Vegies To Your Door.

Our new loyalty program not only thanks you and rewards you for your continued support of Vegies To Your Door - it also allows you to help someone in need, in our community.

How does it work:

Vegies To Your Door has teamed up with The Yellow Van food rescue service who are a not for profit organisation that 'rescue' food and distribute it to charities and support people in need in our local community.

By working together, with you and with The Yellow Van, we can provide the less fortunate members of our community with the same fresh, sweet, crunchy quality produce that we all enjoy!

and it's so easy!

What does our Loyalty Program mean for you?
For each $1 you spend with us on fresh fruit and vegetables (excludes dairy, bread etc) you will be credited 1 point. When you have reached 900 points, you will receive a free gift of a $30 Seasonal Box full of the freshest in season fruit and veg we have, delivered for free. Enjoy this 'thank you' gift from us yourself or even ask us to deliver it to family or friends as gift from you - how surprised would they be :)  We will email you to let you know when you have enough points to receive your free fresh seasonal box from us.

How does this help someone in need?
Each time you reach 900 points, we will also donate $15 worth of fresh produce to The Yellow Van for distribution to various charities to feed those in our community who are unable to afford to eat as well as we do. Your points for The Yellow Van will accumulate until you have reached $30 worth of produce in points value.  We will then notify you that a donation of a $30 fresh fruit and veg seasonal box is being donated in your name to The Yellow Van, Canberra for distribution to a family in need.

So obviously the more of our customers who get involved in this loyalty program, the more $30 seasonal boxes we can donate to those in need in our community.
It feels great to help someone.
For all 'business' customers.  This would be great to advertise near your office fruit basket or at your front reception desk. We will supply a certificate of appreciation from both us and The Yellow Van for you to display. 

   What to do now

If you would like to be a part of our 'helping hand' Loyalty Program - then follow the below steps carefully:

1.   If you are already a Do It For Me customer you do not need to do anything.  All our Do It For Me customers are automatically part of our new Loyalty Program commencing immediately.  We will accumulate your points for you and send you an email to let you know you are about to receive a box full of fresh in-season fruit and veg absolutely free as our thank you gift to you.
2.   If you are NOT a Do It For Me customer please consider setting up this great service for yourself. It is so convenient and easy!  Plus there are more great benefits coming soon that will be for customers using this service only.

4.   If you still rather not set up a Do It For Me order but would like to be part of our Loyalty program, please follow the below steps carefully:
a.  Send us an email to info@vegiestoyourdoor.com.au to let us know you are about to start the loyalty program;

b.  Make sure you receive a reply from us within 24hrs confirming that you have started the Loyalty Program;

c.  EVERY TIME you order through our website make sure you type 'LOYALTY PROGRAM' in the delivery instructions so that we know to calculate your points. If this is not typed in the delivery instructions your points for that order may not be accumulated (doing this is equivalent to handing your card in at the coffee shop for stamping')

We will accumulate your points for you and send you an email to let you know you are about to receive a box full of fresh in-season fruit and veg absolutely free as our thank you gift to you.
Thank you for your continued support of Vegies To Your Door 
Never has there been such a great reason for you to feel so good about
your everyday fresh food shopping!

At Vegies To Your Door you can rest easy knowing that YOUR shopping supports local small family businesses - plus now it also allows you to lend a hand to those in need in our community. 
very small bit helps!


"Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much" - Helen Keller

Will and Sharon Long
Vegies To Your Door
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