Honey - Ainslie (Canberra Urban Honey)
Ainslie Honey is a light coloured honey with pronounced aromas of honeycomb, nuts and a hint of coconut. The flavour is that of a classic honey with a silky smooth finish and an intense sweetness that lingers.
$10.00250g Jar0c
 Honey - Belconnen (Canberra Urban Honey)
Belconnen Honey is usually a medium to dark amber colour with an aroma of sweet caramel. The flavour is a unique mix of caramel, toffee and hazelnut with a sharp but smooth finish.
$10.00250g jar0c
 Honey - Southside (Canberra Urban Honey)
Southside Honey is a light coloured honey with a gentle sweet aroma. The flavours are soft, delicate and sweet with a soft mellow finish.
$10.00250g jar0c
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