Fruit To Your Office

An employer's great asset is a healthy, happy, productive workforce.  Studies have shown that healthy, happy workers are much more productive, more engaged, more committed to their work and actually take fewer sick days, which means healthier profits for your business. 

Our 'Fruit To Your Office' program allows you to do something proactive towards maintaining the health of your employees.  Fruit in the office helps your employees to reach the recommended two serves of fruit each day for optimal health. You can help your employees take better care of their health, while at the same time letting them know they are valued by you, which helps to boost the moral of the office

Supplying fresh fruit for your employees to snack on through the day helps eliminate afternoon fatigue that is often attributed to snacking on high sugar snack foods. Having fresh fruit in the office to snack on leads to increased productivity in the afternoon.   

All these benefits achieved, in the most cost effective manner we can think of.

Why not provide Fruit To Your Office from Vegies To Your Door starting now!

Our Office Fruit Boxes can be ordered under the vegetable tab - seasonal boxes.  They are priced as follows:

  • Office Fruit Box Small 
    • $30
    • suit 10-12 staff
    • approx 35 pieces of fruit
  • Office Fruit Box Medium    
    • $50
    • suit 20-25 staff
    • approx 55 pieces of fruit
  • Office Fruit Box Large
    • $75
    • suit 30-35 staff
    • approx 70-75 pieces of fruit
  • Office Fruit Box Xlarge
    • $95
    • suit 40-45 staff
    • approx 95-100 pieces of fruit

All offices are charged a $5.50 delivery fee - We deliver to office Mondays and Thursdays.

If your office or workplace is larger than this, please do not hesitate to call or email us to discuss your fruit needs.  

You can order our Office Fruit Boxes on an 'as needs' basis paying by credit card through our secure online payment system or by cheque/cash on delivery.  However if you would rather a more 'hands off' approach we can arrange to have the boxes delivered to your office on a regular basis and we will also set up an account if you prefer this option for payment. 

Don't delay - contact us today

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